ALL Trivia events are advertised with the “registration time” the start is 30 minutes later but you need to be there prior to “Start time" 

March 12th- March 17th 2018 Bonus word “Galosh”

Monday March 12th

Wicked Wing co. in Worcester 6:30pm Brodie is hosting
MeiJi in Oxford 6:30pm Anneke is hosting 
in Bellingham 7:00pm Rob is hosting

The Valley Pub in Northbridge 7:00pm Truckah is hosting
Musical BINGO (arrive before start time below)

The Barn in Attleboro 7:00PM Keri is hosting
Depot St Tavern in Milford 7:30pm Sean is hosting

Tuesday March 13th
Quaker Tavern in Uxbridge 7:00pm Nichole is hosting 
Ye Old Tavern in West Brookfield 7:00pm Joe is hosting 
CW Lanes in Lincoln at 7:00pm Rob is hosting
Pub 140 in Bellingham at 7:00pm Zach is hosting 
Central Tavern in Milford 7:30pm Phil is hosting 
Red Stone Grill in N. Attleboro 7:30pm Tommy is hosting 
Briggs Corner in Attleboro 7:30pm Ken is hosting 
Medway Cafe in Medway 7:30pm Andy is hosting

Musical BINGO (arrive before start time below)

Bistro Eighty Ate's in Webster 7:00pm Jason is hosting

Bella Sarno in North Attleboro 7:00pm Pepper is hosting
 in Uxbridge 8:00pm Truckah is hosting

Wednesday March 14th
Bistro Eighty Ate's in Webster 6:30pm Josh is hosting 
Uncle Ronnie's Red Tavern in Nasonville 7:00pm Kailiegh is hosting 
Grumpy's in Bellingham 7:00pm Melissa is hosting 
Rock and Coal Pizza in Bellingham 7:00pm Rob is hosting 
Grill on Main in Douglas 7:00pm Justin is hosting

Teddy Gallagher’s in Franklin – 7:30pm Mike is hosting 
Hanto's in Ashland -7:30pm Zach is hosting 
Gray Barn in Whitinsville 7:30pm Brodie is hosting

Barrett's Ale House in North Attleboro 7:30pm Jim is hosting 
Pub 122 in Grafton 7:30pm Rocking Rob is hosting
Musical BINGO (arrive before start time below)

Maury’s Pub in Danielson (CT) 7:00pm Nikki is hosting 
Central Tavern in Milford 7:30pm Truckah is hosting 
Simple Man Saloon in Clinton 7:30pm Jodi is hosting

Hanna Devine’s in Ware 7:30pm Amanda is hosting
Compass Tavern in Worcester 8:00pm Bobby J is hosting 

Thursday March 15th

Granit Farm in North Scituate (RI) 6:30pm Nichole is hosting

Hanna Devine's in Ware – 7:00pm Amanda is hosting

Limey's in Norwood 7:30pm Rob is hosting
Simple Man Saloon in Clinton 7:30pm Anneke is hosting 

Cady’s Tavern in Chepachet 7:30pm Brodie is hosting

The Barn in Attleboro 7:30pm Keri is hosting
Gators in North Smithfield 8:30pm Tank is hosting 

Musical BINGO (arrive before start time below)
Grumpy's in Bellingham 6:30pm Melissa is hosting 

Barrett’s in Bridgewater 7:00pm Ken is hosting NEW
Grill on Main in Douglas 8:00pm Justin is hosting
Uncle Ronnies in Nasonville 8:00pm Jason is hosting 

Gray Barn in Whitinsville 8:00pm Truckah is hosting

The White Eagle in Worcester 8:00pm Rocking Rob is hosting 

Friday March 16th

River Falls in Woonsocket 8:30pm pm Rob is hosting
Musical BINGO (arrive before start time below)
Simple Man in Clinton 8:00pm Josh B is hosting
Barrett's Ale House in North Attleboro 9pm Mike is hosting 

Saturday March 17th   

Hillcrest in Leicester 7:00pm Joe is hosting

Stazt Sports Bar in North Brookfield 7:00pm Josh is hosting 
Kapis in Uxbridge 8:30pm Heather is hosting 
Musical BINGO (arrive before start time below) 
St Joes-Bingo 
in Woonsocket 9:00pm Rocking Rob is hosting

MeiJi in Oxford 8:30pm Anneke is hosting

Sunday March 18th

Musical BINGO (arrive before start time below) 
Valley Pub in Northbridge 7:00pm Truckah is hosting

Uncle Ronnies in Nasonville 7:30pm Heather is hosting 

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