Winners Trophy --- Prove you are “The Smartest Wise Guy”



What is better than winning bragging rights? Having the trophy to PROVE you and your team are "the Smartest Wise Guys.” All bars will continue to offer their usual prize: gift certificate, drinks, hats and t-shirts (or whatever they normally offer).


How do we win the trophy?


Very simple—we will keep you posted (on the schedule page) which bar is hosting the trophy. All you need to do is go to that bar and win on their trivia night. When the host asks you for your team name at the beginning of the night, you should let them know you are here to win the trophy for your bar.


If you win, your team will have their picture taken with the trophy to be posted as the “Smartest Wise Guys,” and the trophy will be moved to your local bar. Then other teams will come to your bar and try to win it from you! The BEST thing is you DOUBLE your winnings, not only do you win the prize at the bar you win it (Usually $25 but ALSO your own bar will ALSO give you a gift certificate)




So what exactly do we win when we play at the bar with the trophy?  If you win, all the bars have their own prizes (some have second and third prizes too). You will win the usual prizes depending on your placing—that does not change. In ADDITION you will win the trophy for your bar AND MOST bars give you a gift certificate for bar ALSO!


How long do we keep the trophy for? Your local bar will keep the trophy until a visiting team comes to play trivia and wins it back for thier bar in which case the trophy will move to their bar. In THEORY, that could mean less than 24 hours or many weeks.

How does the trophy get to our bar? The trophy will always be the responsibility of the Wise Guys Host to coordinate moving the trophy to you local bar. All reasonable efforts will be made by Wise Guys to get the trophy to the new location prior the next Trivia night. 


What if my local bar does not have Trivia? You can ONLY claim the trophy if you are coming from a bar that is currently covered by Wise Guys Trivia. If you have a local bar where you would like to see Trivia Nights, speak to your host, and we would be glad to take the information. In the unlikely event the trophy is located at a bar in which Wise Guys no longer hosts, the trophy will be removed and up for grabs (we will announce arrangements in the unlikely event that happens).


What if I don’t have a “local” bar?  We understand some teams don’t have a “local bar” necessarily and like to play where they feel on any given night. That’s fine, but for this purpose, your team must pick the spot you are MOST likely to frequent, or maybe the bar that offers you the best perks for winning the trophy. You can NOT switch your local location on a whim and win the trophy back from yourself. In other words, you can’t win the trophy from bar “A” on Saturday, move it to bar “B” on Sunday then go back to bar “B” that night to win it back for bar “A.”


Will ALL bars give their teams a a gift certificate for winning the trophy? Giving the second gift certificate for the winning team is at your local bar’s discretion.  While it is our understanding that all bars WILL do this, it is NOT an obligation for them to honor this. Please check with your local bar to confirm BEFORE you anounce you are winning the trophy for them!

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