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We are BACK!

A message to all! We have all been impacted by Covid-19, for us on March 16th it litrally shut us down! While many of the hosts do this for fun and have a main income, some hosts lost their main jobs AND the hosting jobs at the same time. I can sincerely tell you, I think we have the best host, the best loyal support (you) making us the best Trivia around. During this “Shutdown” I did create a whole new Website and was HOPPING to have it all up and running by now… but, well things happen and not enough time to do all at once, so for NOW I will go back to updating this website weekly!

It’s NOW more than ever before we NEED your support! Your “Local” needs your support! I sincerely thank all those who have already been coming out and supporting, and encourage others to do the same. Yes there are “Guidelines” we have to adhere by, your safety is a priority but we CAN do this safely and get back to as “Normal as possible”

Thank you again for all your thoughts all your support and look forward to building things back to “Normal” again soon!

STILL looking for more new hosts we are expanding MORE!

We are also actively looking for new locations, if you have places that you think would benefit from our FUN trivia, contact us at 
Info@WiseGuysTrivia.com and let us know! 

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