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Budweiser week (Rhode Island) 17th - 23rd
The week of the 17th to the 23rd we will be partnering up with Budweiser in all out Rhode Island Locations (We will hopefully do a MA week soon).... Come and play that week, we have SO many prizes I am confident to say EVERYONE who plays will win SOMETHING!  The Budweiser Girls will be there maybe helping with your "trivia" We suggest you get there early this week as seating will be limited 
Cady's Tavern in Cheapachet 7:30-10
Back Alley Pub in Woonsocket  7:30-10
Uncle Ronnie's in Nasonville (Burriville) 7:00-9:00
Snows in Gloucester 7:30-10
Michael's in Woonsocket 7:30-10
Gators in N Smithfield 
St Joe's in Woonsocket 7:30-10


The Trophy is at "MICHAEL'S" in Woonsocket up for grabs 7:30pm Thursday nights.

New Locations!
Sapporo  at 50 E Main Street, Westboro has changed its start time to 730pm starting on 10/16

MUSICAL BINGO!!! We understand that not EVERYONE loves "trivia" this is for THOSE people... this is FUN/simple and different... We have LOTS of places to try it out! FREE to play and win prizes! 

Depot St Tavern in Milford 7:30pm
FANZ in Marlboro 8pm  

Uncle Ronnies in Nasonville 8pm 

Simple Man in Clinton 7:30pm
Sciolis in Milford 8pm

The Grill on Main in Douglas 8pm 

St Joes in Woonsocket 8pm 

Back Alley Pub in Woonsocket 7:30pm 

STILL looking for more new hosts we are expanding MORE!

We are also actively looking for new locations, if you have places that you think would benefit from our FUN trivia, contact us at 
Info@WiseGuysTrivia.com and let us know! 

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